Mr. Boliko and Minister Flavien Joubert Discuss Agricultural Challenges and Future Collaboration

On Friday 5 July, Mr. Boliko chaired a significant meeting with Minister Flavien Joubert following his two-week mission in Seychelles. Mr. Boliko, the FAO representative, emphasized that his visit provided a valuable opportunity to engage with various crop and livestock producers, conduct site visits, and hold side meetings with agricultural associations.

In his remarks, Mr. Boliko acknowledged the hard work and dedication of local producers. However, he pointed out several challenges that impact the sale of their products. A key issue highlighted was the stringent standards set by hotels, which are major clients for fruits and vegetables. These standards often exceed the current capabilities of local producers, creating a gap in meeting the demands of the hospitality industry.
Mr. Boliko stressed the importance of training and capacity building for members of farming associations. He argued that instilling proper attitudes and skills among these members would enable them to work towards common goals, ultimately leading to increased earnings and productivity.


As the discussion concluded, Mr. Boliko and Minister Joubert agreed on the need for technical support to enhance crop research and the Livestock Development Plan. They also explored potential collaborations with the Ministry of Health to further bolster the agricultural sector.

The meeting culminated in the signing of a joint declaration between the FAO, represented by Mr. Boliko, and the Programme Coordination Section (PDCS) , represented by Minister Joubert.

This joint declaration aims to strengthen the relationship between the Programme Coordination Section (PDCS) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It outlines the development and monitoring of collaborative activities designed to improve the management framework for land, water, and forestry. The ultimate goal is to foster a more sustainable agricultural production system and enhance resilience to natural disasters caused by climate change.

Present at the meeting were the Principal Secretary for the Agriculture Department, Executive Director Ms. Catherina Bonnelame, Ms. Audrey Zelia, FAO Programme Coordinator, and Ms. Debra Freminot from the Multilateral Affairs Division of Foreign Affairs.

This meeting marks a significant step forward in addressing the challenges

The meeting underscored the shared commitment of both parties to address the challenges faced by local producers and to work towards a sustainable and resilient agricultural future for Seychelles.

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