The Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment is charged with ensuring the constitutional right of every person to live in and enjoy a clean, healthy and ecologically balanced environment, the provision of a reliable, affordable and safe water and energy supply and build resilience against climate change and disasters.

The Ministry undertakes to:

  • take measures to promote the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment,
  • contribute towards the sustainable socio-economic development of Seychelles through a judicious use and management of the resources of Seychelles,
  • promote public awareness and community participation in the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment,
  • Invest in disaster mitigation and preparedness and built resilience against climate change,
  • ensure the supply of safe potable water to all,
  • ensure the supply of affordable energy to all, promote energy efficiency and democratize access to renewable energy.

Seychelles has been endowed with a very unique and rich biodiversity and diverse land and seascapes of outstanding beauty, which as we develop needs to be protected and conserve.  Our marine and green spaces provide the country with ecological services, i.e. a mild climate, water, natural resources and limited occurrence of disasters; all vital for our survival as a viable state. With the onslaught of climate change Seychelles like many island states has to prepare itself by building resilience against the impact of climate change.

Water and Energy for all has been one of the key policies of the government for many years.  Our challenge for the future is to accelerate the absorption of renewable energy and introduce nationwide energy efficiency measures including the regulation of the standard of electric appliances entering the country.

The work of the Ministry is governed by the Seychelles Sustainable Development Strategy 2012-2020, the National Waste Strategy, the National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan, the Climate Change Strategy, the National Energy Policy, the Water Master Plan and other policy documents.

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