The Minister

Flavien P Joubert was born in 1972 and was educated in Seychelles up to secondary level. He successfully completed and HND and graduate studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University the United Kingdom and Masters studies York university in Canada, During the time at the Department of Environment, he has collected various competencies especially in oil spill combat and operation of sewage treatment plants.

Since 1996, he has worked in the Ministry of Environment. He has held and served in several key posts including Director General for Wildlife Enforcement and Permits, CEO of the Seychelles National Parks Authority and CEO of the Landscape and Waste Management Authority. Mr. Joubert has served on several boards such as the Planning Authority and Seychelles Petroleum as company Director and on Boards of national importance such as the Pesticide Control Board, Licensing Authority and Seychelles islands Foundation.

Through his university studies, he re-discovered one of the rarest bat species in the country, and has, throughout his time at the ministry promoted research and conservation on the bat species. He has co-written two papers on that subject. He has also played instrumental roles in several initiatives that has to do with chemical safety in Seychelles.

On the international arena, Minister Joubert has represented Seychelles in many fora related to chemicals and waste and was focal points for the Basel, and Stockholm Conventions. He also led the organization of the Nairobi Convention 8th conference of Parties meeting in 2015, for which UNEP congratulated Seychelles for the level of organization.

Mr Joubert was appointed Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Energy and on 4th November 2020.

Minister Joubert is married and has two children.

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