Agriculture Department officials meet with Victoria Market Vendors to discuss shops management issues

The Agriculture Department and the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Authority officials visited the Victoria Market Sir Selwyn Clark, today morning concerning certain reports and issues with the safety of the vendors and the public visiting the market place on the first floor of the building. The visit was to addressed on the precaution and measures in the market place area. The officials met with all the vendors by visiting their shops individually to explain the regulations and recommendations which they should all adhere to. All vendors agreed to the recommendations by the officials and also agreed that by Monday the 3rd May 2024 there should be no clothes, Cloth materials and accessories that should be displayed on the balcony or in the corridor way of the 1st floor in the Victoria Market Building.

Recommendations from the officials; No shops vendors are allowed to display any clothes, cloth materials or accessories on the balcony and in the corridor way on the 1st floor of the Victoria market building as of Monday 3rd June 2024.
For any further information, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Vincent Germain on 2822471.

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