Seychelles Participates in the African Union, Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health (AFSH) Summit

The Principal Secretary for Agriculture of the Agriculture within the Ministry for Climate Change and Environment, Mr. Keven Nancy participated in the African Union, Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health (AFSH) Summit, between the 07th to 09th May 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya, Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC). The structure of the summit structure was on 07th May 2024, there was the meeting of Ministers in charge of agriculture with the invited relevant expert, on 08th May 2024, meeting of the Ministers of foreign affairs with Minister in charge of agriculture and 09th May 2024, there was the special summit of heads of state and Government of the African Union.The summit was organized by the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Environment (DARBE) of the African Union (AU) and the Government of Kenya.

The Summit which was opened the Kenyan President, Dr William Ruto, brought together the African Heads of State, Ministers, high-ranking government officials, senior policy makers, private-sector players and civil society organizations and all relevant stakeholders to highlight the crucial role of fertilizer and soil health in stimulating sustainable pro-poor productivity growth in African agriculture and to agree on an African Fertilizer and Soil Health Action Plan, as well as the Soils Initiative for Africa.


The Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health summit was held to deliberate on Africa’s recent widespread decades-long decline in soil quality of farmland – a phenomenon that continues today and negatively impacts the agricultural production capacity and food security in the continent.

During the summit the 10-year Action Plan, was endorsed, which will deliver concrete recommendations for steps to be taken by African leaders and stakeholders over the next 10 years. The Action Plan will provide a focus for new policies and investments that will enable farmers to work toward re-building soil health and ultimately increase yield responses and profitability of fertilizers.

The following was endorsed by leading private and public sector partners across all African countries: Nairobi Declaration, the 10-year Action Plan, Soil Initiative for Africa (SIA) Mechanism to finance the Action Plan (post-Summit implementation process).
The Summit was convened under the theme, listen to the soil, the participants explored the current condition of Africa’s soils in a bid to implement urgent and appropriate restorative measures. In the country statement presented the PS Nancy mentioned that use of fertilizers below the recommended rate and dosage not only affects agricultural productivity but also has profound implications on the environment, biodiversity, food and nutrition security.

The use of both organic and synthetic fertilizers is an integral part of Seychelles agricultural production systems due to the inherent poor nature of the acidic Seychelles red earth found on the mountains and the alkaline calcareous sandy soils found on the coastal plains of the island. Hence the use of acidic forming and alkaline forking fertilizers are used in our soils in order to maximize productivity
The government plays a crucial role in ensuring the supply and availability of fertilizers to farmers through its requisite stores with the participation of the private sector. Seychelles currently relies heavily on the importation of the majority of its agricultural inputs including fertilizers from various countries.

The Agriculture department is also placing emphasis on the promotion and implementation of sustainable and climate smart agricultural practices to enhance soil health. The provision of facilities such as the soil and plant diagnostic laboratory which is available for the farmers for soil testing in order to ensure the judicious application of fertilizers whilst minimizing negative impact on the environment.

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