Algal Bloom event

The Environment Department, Fisheries Department and the Seychelles Fishing Authority have been receiving calls from concerned citizens regarding the appearance of reddish-brown materials floating in the sea. Cases has been reported off the coast of Praslin and also in some areas around Mahé. The discoloration is more visible from air (refer to attached picture).

This discolouration is usually caused by algal blooms. Algal bloom is a natural phenomenon, involving the rapid growth and population explosion of algae, whenever there are sufficient nutrients, calm conditions, hot temperatures and other conditions. Some species of algae may be toxic and they can also cause rapid depletion of oxygen level in the water and can harm fish and other aquatic animals. The last algal bloom within the inner island was recorded in 2020.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Climate is working closely with the Seychelles Fishing Authority to collect information to determine the extent and identification of the species responsible for the bloom.

More information will be provided when we receive more information.

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