Celebrating World Wetland Day, a two-day tribute to conservation and collaboration

Seychelles recently marked World Wetland Day on February 1st and 2nd, with a series of events that highlighted the theme “Wetlands and Human Wellbeing.” This year’s celebrations extended over two days, showcasing the importance of wetlands in enhancing both environmental health and human welfare.

The inaugural event of the World Wetland Day celebration took place at the Port Launey Ramsar site, situated within the compound of the Constance Ephelia, marking the 20th anniversary since its designation as a Ramsar site. This occasion was honored by the esteemed presence of various pioneers who have played pivotal roles in wetland conservation management. In addition to acknowledging and rewarding these leaders, the Environment team from Constance Ephelia delivered an insightful presentation. They shed light on the remarkable transformation of the wetland from what was once deemed a “dead zone” to a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life and flourishing mangroves. This presentation served as a testament to the power of restoration efforts and highlighted the wetland’s pivotal role in connecting the community with nature.

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On the second day, the official Wetland Day celebration was held on La Digue. The highlight of the day the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Airtel Seychelles and the Ministry for Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment. The MOU marked the adoption of the Lanmar Soupap Wetland, extending from Veuve Reserve to L’Union outlet, signifying a significant step forward in wetland conservation efforts. The ceremony, attended by key stakeholders, symbolized a commitment to collaborative action in safeguarding Seychelles’ precious wetland ecosystems.

The event also provided an educational opportunity for students from La Digue School to engage in hands-on conservation activities. They explored the wetland and planted mangrove trees alongside the marshland, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of wetland preservation among the younger generation.

In his remarks, the Minister expressed gratitude to Airtel Seychelles and encouraged other private organizations to join similar initiatives, emphasizing the need for collective action in protecting Seychelles’ natural heritage. Nature Seychelles seized the opportunity to recognize the dedication of 11 ministry staff who participated in the Mangrove Conservation Programme training, further highlighting the importance of capacity building in environmental stewardship.

This ceremony was graced by distinguished guests, including the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship, and Industry, Mrs. Devika Vidot, and the Chief Executive Officer of L’Union Estate, Mr. David Okello, and Honorable Rocky Uranie.

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