Minister Joubert meets with Youth Negotiators

On the sidelines of COP28, Minister Flavien Joubert took charge as he chaired a significant negotiation meeting aimed at understanding Seychelles’ position within the global climate talks. The meeting was held Wednesday 6th gathering a diverse team of negotiators representing various segments crucial to the success of COP28.

In attendance were negotiators tracking different segment including Mitigation, Adaptation, Global Stocktake, Finance, Technology Development and Agriculture. The purpose of this comprehensive gathering was to provide a platform for each negotiator to deliver a brief overview of the current status of discussions within their respective segments. Global Stocktake, an integral part of COP28, emerged as a critical topic of discussion. Mr. Wills Agricole, in his capacity as the lead negotiator, emphasized the importance of the Global Stocktake in formulating a political declaration. This declaration, as proposed by Mr. Agricole, aims to enhance National Determined Contributions (NDCs) and strengthen the collective resolve of nations in achieving their climate goals.


During the meeting, negotiators also delved into financial matters, discussing the flow of funds to support climate initiatives, the imperative for capacity building in vulnerable regions, and the optimization of the Loss and Damage Fund. These discussions underscored the urgency of addressing the financial aspects of climate action to ensure equitable participation and support for developing nations. Minister Joubert’s leadership in chairing this negotiation meeting showcased Seychelles’ commitment to actively engage in global climate efforts. By fostering open dialogue and collaboration among negotiators, the Seychellois delegation aims to contribute meaningfully to COP28 and advocate for solutions that reflect the unique challenges and needs of small island developing states.

As the negotiation process progresses, Seychelles continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on climate change, demonstrating that even smaller nations can have a significant impact on the global stage. Minister Joubert’s adept handling of the meeting reflects the dedication of Seychelles to securing a sustainable and resilient future for all. The outcomes of these negotiations will undoubtedly influence the trajectory of global climate action and set the stage for meaningful progress in the fight against climate

Present at the meeting were the Principal Secretary for Climate Change, Mr. Tony Imaduwa, Mr. George Uzice the Climate Finance Negotiator, Mr. Wills Agricole the Technical Advisor and lead negotiator for Seychelles Ms. Anna Lespoir from the Ministry of Finance, National Planning, and Trade, Ms. Gabriella Gonthier the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer from the Blue Economy Department, Ms. Rennie Mondon from Foreign Affairs Department, Ms. Maryssa Samedi as a youth representative, and Ms. Sheena
Talma Marine Biologist.

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