Minister Flavien Joubert participated in the Climate Discourse at COP28

In a recent panel dialogue held on the sideline of COP28 in Dubai, Minister Flavien Joubert assumed a pivotal role in representing Seychelles and fostering discussions on the critical issue of achieving a just transition. Minister Joubert, stepping in for His Excellency President Wavel Ramkalawan, played a key role in advancing the conversation towards creating a net-zero economy that serves the interests of workers, consumers, and impacted communities, especially in emerging markets. This dynamic exchange brought together leaders from faith, finance, philanthropy, and government to address barriers to investment in climate mitigation and adaptation, with a keen focus on emerging markets.

The central theme of the dialogue revolved around overcoming barriers to investment in climate mitigation and adaptation. Minister Joubert, drawing from Seychelles’ experiences, contributed valuable insights into innovative approaches that can facilitate investment and collaboration across sectors. His contributions were instrumental in steering the conversation towards actionable strategies that transcend the challenges posed by climate change.

During the panel discussion, Minister Joubert showcased Seychelles’ innovative strategies in climate mitigation and adaptation. He elaborated on Seychelles’ unique financing mechanisms, such as the debt-for-nature swap, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Fund. These initiatives exemplify Seychelles’ dedication to finding comprehensive and effective solutions to combat climate change while ensuring economic sustainability and environmental preservation.

Minister highlighted Seychelles’ ambitious commitment to a net-zero economy. By outlining the nation’s journey and sharing specific examples of success, he inspired other countries and stakeholders to consider bold measures in their pursuit of sustainability. In his concluding remarks, Minister Joubert stressed the importance of collective action and education. He urged institutions to come together and educate diverse demographics about the critical need for collaboration in addressing climate change. This call for awareness and cooperation underscores the belief that the transition to a net-zero economy requires a united effort from all segments of society.

The panel featured prominent figures such as Archbishop Julio E. Murray, an Anglican Bishop of Panama, and Ms. Eileen O’Connor, the Rockefeller Foundation’s Senior Vice President for Communications, Policy, and Advocacy. Their diverse perspectives added depth to the discussion, emphasizing the importance of collaboration across faith, philanthropy, and advocacy sectors. The session not only provided a platform for sharing Seychelles’ successes but also underscored the interconnectedness of various sectors in the collective pursuit of a sustainable and equitable future for emerging markets and the entire planet.

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