Courtesy Call by British High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Jeffrey Frank Glekin on Minister Flavien Joubert

In a recent diplomatic interaction, the British High Commissioner to Seychelles, H.E. Mr. Jeffrey Frank Glekin, paid a courtesy call on Minister Flavien Joubert, responsible for Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment in Seychelles November 20th. The discussions between the two dignitaries centered on the challenges faced by Seychelles, particularly in the context of being a Small Island Developing State (SIDS). The meeting also touched upon ongoing dialogues initiated by the former British High Commissioner, Mr. Patrick Lynch.

One of the key points underscored by H.E. Jeffrey Frank was the importance of maintaining and strengthening the ties between Seychelles and the United Kingdom. The British High Commissioner acknowledged the unique challenges that a Small Island Developing State faces, especially in resource acquisition, and highlighted the significance of continued collaboration.

During the meeting, Minister Joubert and the delegates delved into the challenges within the Ministry, with a focus on agriculture. Topics ranged from the importation of agricultural goods and the scarcity of land to the impact of climate change on agricultural practices. Emphasis was placed on the need for training and capacity building for Ministry staff to effectively advise farmers on integrating modern technologies into their practices.

The environmental sector took center stage in the discussions, given the imminent Conference of the Parties (COP28). Minister Joubert elaborated on Seychelles’ main objectives for COP28 and emphasized the threats faced by Small Island States due to climate change. The importance of collaborative efforts in tackling these challenges was underscored, setting the stage for a united front at the international summit.

An intriguing point of discussion was the upcoming investor’s forum with the theme “Zero Landfill Solution for Seychelles.” Minister Joubert provided a brief overview of the forum, highlighting the government’s commitment to sustainable practices and waste management, aligning with global environmental goals.

H.E. Jeffrey Frank shared insights from his experience in combating deforestation in Bolivia, bringing a valuable perspective to the table. The conversation expanded to encompass topics such as Marine Vector Incursion (MVI), the cost of capital in developing countries, and the importance of building strong relationships with Commonwealth nations to bolster Seychelles’ stance in COP28 and the broader fight against climate change.

In his concluding remarks, Minister Joubert expressed the ambition for Seychelles, as a Small Island Developing State, to create a ripple effect. He emphasized the need for Seychelles to lead by example, inspiring other SIDS to actively participate and contribute to the global efforts aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The courtesy call served as a platform for meaningful discussions and collaboration, underlining the shared commitment of Seychelles and the United Kingdom in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and environmental sustainability. As Seychelles prepares for COP28, the diplomatic exchange sets a positive tone for collective action and cooperation on the international stage. The Minister was accompanied by the Executive Director Ms. Catherina Bonnelame.

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