Seychelles Black Parrot

Black parrot or Kato nwanr in Creole is a dark brown parrot occurring on the Island of Praslin and Curieuse. It is classified as a sub-species of the one found in Madagascar, but some think it is a separate species found nowhere but Seychelles. Here, it was once more widespread, but was killed by humans because it likes to eat cultivated fruits including mango, bilimbi and papaya.

It survived on Praslin and is now protected by law. It nests in old hollow trees which are rare because human cut the trees for timber before they reach old age. Fortunately, the birds also use special deep nest boxes provided for them as a conservation measure.


Scientific name: Coracopsis nigra barklyi
Population: About 300 birds
Distribution: Praslin and a few on Curieuse
Habitat: Woodland, scrub and gardens
Nest: Nest in cavities where two or three eggs are laid
Identification: Pale brown-grey all over. Usually occurs in small flocks and can be recognized by its distinctive whistling calls.

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