Sustainable Home Gardening Competition – Sales of Flower and Vegetable Plants

As part of its campaign for a cleaner and beautiful Seychelles, the ministry organizes the Sustainable Home Garden Competition annually.  The competition also promotes the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at home and community level. It aims at bringing sustainable practices at household level,  through their home gardens. The competition seeks not only to work towards a beautiful flowery garden, but includes recycling, rainwater harvesting, composting, socializing, vegetables, fruit trees, native and medicinal plants and herbs.

The competition is divided into four categories: Large, medium, small and balcony.

On the 17th of October, at 1.30 pm, the Ministry will be awarding winners of 2023 competition. This will be held during a roadshow at Camion Hall garden, in Victoria.

As part of the road show, the ministry is organizing a plant bazar, where home gardeners will be selling a variety of flowers,  fruit, vegetables and herbs plants. Also during the day, members of the public would be able to learn how to graft plants, mix different kind of soil for different species of plants, environmentally friendly pest controls during on site workshops where technicians from Agriculture department will demonstrate the different technics and attend to the public.

MACCE would appreciate press coverage for the event. For any additional information do not hesitate to contact Ms. Jeannette Larue on 2723997