GEF7 Prioritising Biodiversity Conservation and Nature-based Solutions as Pillars of Seychelles’ Blue Economy

Seychelles is implementing an innovative Marine Spatial Planning process to conserve this biodiversity and associated marine and coastal ecosystem services through an expanded MPA system while also exploring ways to grow the country’s Blue Economy and provide sustainable economic benefits for its population. However, the country lacks the institutional and financing mechanisms as well as monitoring and enforcement capacities to effectively manage the expanded MPA system, and the experience and technical capacities to develop Nature based Solutions to sustain its Blue Economy objectives.

The project’s objective is to conserve globally significant biodiversity through effective management of Seychelles’ Marine Protected Areas system and the promotion of nature-based solutions as pillars of the Blue Economy. This will be achieved through four interlinked outcomes:

Component 1 – The project will support the Strengthening of the institutional Framework for an effective implementation of the MSP.

Component 2 – The project will focus on expanding the area of two existing marine protected areas in the Inner Islands in collaboration with local communities and other stakeholders.

Component 3 – The project will support Implementation of sustainable tourism approaches, identify and develop Nature based Solutions that reduce negative impacts from tourism on coastal and marine ecosystems

Component 4 – The project will ensure effective gender mainstreaming, monitoring and evaluation, and the integration of knowledge management processes across the project outcomes and outputs.

On that note an inception workshop entitled “Prioritising Biodiversity Conservation and Naturebased Solutions as Pillars of Seychelles” is taking place on the 18th October from 8:30AM –3:00PM at the Nayopi Conference Center, whereby relevant partners will discuss the main objective, outcomes and output. You are therefore invited for coverage.

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact Ms. Victoria Alis on +248 2802884