Czech Republic’s Ambassador-Designate and Seychelles’ Minister of Agriculture Forge Collaborative Ties

In a significant development highlighting the shared commitment towards fostering robust bilateral relations, the Ambassador-Designate of the Czech Republic, H.E. Mr. Miroslav Kosek, paid a courtesy call on Minister Flavien Joubert on October 3rd. The meeting served as a platform to explore common interests and lay the groundwork for potential collaborations in various critical areas, particularly focusing on environmental protection and sustainable agricultural practices.

Ambassador Kosek reiterated the Czech Republic’s keen interest in building a meaningful partnership with Seychelles, emphasizing the shared objectives concerning environmental preservation and sustainable agriculture. The discussion centered around identifying potential partners with a similar interest in agriculture and waste management, highlighting the scope for knowledge exchange and collaboration in these domains.

A substantial portion of the conversation was dedicated to the exploration of the Czech and Seychelles commitment through the signing of a General Cooperation Agreement (GCA), underscoring the mutual intent to foster a multifaceted partnership encompassing various sectors of common interest.

Minister Joubert highlighted Seychelles’ proactive measures in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning towards renewable energy sources. He urged the Czech Republic, through Ambassador Kosek, to encourage investors to participate in proposals for the effective management of the increasing landfill crisis in Seychelles, emphasizing the urgency of addressing this pressing environmental concern. The discussion also revolved around the Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI) ,highlighting Seychelles participation in the upcoming COP 28, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The conference represents yet another ideal opportunity to bring the challenges of climate change to the forefront of global climate policies.

The meeting concluded with a shared determination to explore concrete avenues for collaboration, reflecting the mutual aspiration to foster sustainable practices, environmental conservation, and holistic development.

The Minister was accompanied by the Principal Secretary for Climate Change Mr. Tony Imaduwa and the Principal Secretary for Environment, Mr. Denis Matatiken.