The newly accredited Ambassador-designate of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the Republic of Seychelles pays courtesy visit to Minister Flavien Joubert

The newly accredited Ambassador-designate of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. Ms. Etsegenet Bezabih YIMENU, paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment, Mr. Flavien Joubert this morning.

The meeting commenced with warm congratulations extended from Minister Joubert to H.E. Ms. Etsegenet Bezabih YIMENU on her accreditation. Minister Joubert emphasized Ethiopia’s significance as a key ally in Africa, particularly in the realm of agriculture. In response, H.E. Ms. Etsegenet Bezabih YIMENU expressed her enthusiasm for fostering collaboration, especially in ensuring food security, considering Ethiopia’s agricultural-centric economy and the convenient air connectivity between Mahé and Addis Ababa facilitated by Ethiopian Airlines.


A significant agenda item discussed was the potential for reintroducing coffee cultivation in Seychelles, which holds considerable value in both local and international markets. Minister Joubert envisioned this initiative as a catalyst for small business growth, part of a broader collaborative effort with the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship, and Industry to explore opportunities in cinnamon, vanilla, and other high value commodities.

Furthermore, Minister Joubert highlighted the need to diversify Seychelles’ livestock industry and requested expertise from Ethiopia in introducing new livestock varieties. Access to affordable day-old chicks through the established air links was deemed beneficial, however with strict adherence to biosecurity standards. Challenges in accessing the Ethiopian market via shipping were also addressed, with potential solutions sought to facilitate trade between the two countries. Both delegates acknowledged the pressing issue of climate change affecting agricultural sectors in their respective nations. H.E. Ms. Etsegenet Bezabih YIMENU shared Ethiopia’s challenges in this regard, while Minister Joubert expressed Seychelles’ commitment to adapting to these changes.

Addressing the need for knowledge exchange, H.E. Ms. Etsegenet Bezabih YIMENU proposed collaboration with Ethiopian agricultural institutions to provide training opportunities for Seychellois farmers, students, and staff from the Agriculture Department. Additionally, she extended an invitation to Minister Joubert to visit Ethiopia, offering insights into the country’s agricultural infrastructure and fostering bilateral collaborations.

In conclusion, H.E. Ms. Etsegenet Bezabih extended a gracious invitation to the Minister for a visit to Ethiopia, where he would have the opportunity to familiarize himself with various facilities pertinent to his ministry. Such a visit holds the potential to pave the way for diverse bilateral collaborations that promise mutual benefits for both nations.

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