Courtesy Visit – Honorary Consul of Malaysia; Discussion on the potential of technical assistance to the Agricultural Sector in Seychelles

Seychelles and Malaysia have a strong bilateral foreign relationship which has continually helped to promote the cooperation between the two countries in different Governmental sectors.

The Honorary Consul of Malaysia Mr. Kabilan Muniandy was on a working mission in the Seychelles. As part of his mission, Mr. Kabilan Muniandy and three other experts from the Quest University conducted a meeting with the Principal Secretary for the Agriculture Department Mr. Keven Nancy, the HOS for the Seychelles Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture, the Chiefs for Agricultural Research and the Extension services, and other stakeholders to offer his support to the Sector and discuss on areas of potential collaboration to achieve food security sustainably.

On the same day the delegations visited the Agriculture facilities on Mahe, and the Seychelles Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture, (SIAH) to understands the main functions of the facilities, the opportunities and challenges to be able to modernize the agricultural sector sustainably.


Among the facilities visited, were the Agricultural soil laboratory, the Crop and animal research laboratory, the Crop research center and the SIAH facilities, currently under renovation. The delegations discussed on their interest to help the facilities with further technical assistance, to improve the quality of service being offered and include other new avenues to attract youth in the agricultural sector.
Three of their main objectives which were discussed during the meeting were;

• To identify areas of collaboration with a focus on training of graduates from SIAH and In-service training for staff of the Agriculture Department.

• Discuss the donation of tissue culture and hydroponics equipment and set up to the Research station and SIAH by the Malaysian expert.

• Experts visits in the domain of Hi-Tech agriculture, to ensure that the officers are equipped with the knowledge on the operation of the tissue culture and hydroponics technologies.

Mr. Kabilan and the team from Quest University, has expressed their intention to fully support the initiative to ensure agriculture becomes sustainable and attractive to the youth. Their vision is to see an increased number of youth joining different areas at various levels of the agricultural sector.

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